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The terms and conditions set out below govern the access and use of the URL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , ACAPULCO HOTEL ownership residing at Benito Juárez N. 28 Col. Centro, Acapulco, Gro. C.P. 39300. Phone: 01744 4820851.

These terms are subject to the provisions of Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Conditions of Contract (LCGC) Law 26/1984, of July 19, General for the Protection of Consumers and Users, Directive 97/7/EEC, of May 20, 1997, applicable to contracts via the Internet developed between consumer and provider, and other applicable legal provisions in force. ACAPULCO HOTEL. acting on behalf of ACAPULCO HOTEL which has the necessary permits and licenses for this activity. The present general terms and conditions shall apply only to final consumers.

The present general terms and conditions are an agreement with ACAPULCO HOTEL through website for booking accommodation. Please read these terms carefully and make sure you understand them before reservation. These conditions apply to all bookings made ACAPULCO HOTEL. and to all those for whom make the reservation. ACAPULCO HOTEL acts as agent for and on behalf of the places, yachts and sites provided on this website. ACAPULCO HOTEL reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without notice or warning, therefore, the provision of this service has a limited to the time in which the user is connected to the website or any of services via the same are provided.

By making a reservation, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. If any part of these terms and conditions do not fully understand, or have any questions, please contact us.

1. - How to book. The user must follow the instructions and complete the sections indicated in the relevant section of this website for booking, and make payment of the same on the terms set out in paragraph 5 (PAYMENT oF BOOKING) of these conditions. From the time of booking, will enter into force conditions for cancellation expenses. ACAPULCO HOTEL will provide a receipt to be printed and presented to the hotel upon arrival. It is essential that you check all your booking details are correct at the bonus that you can print.

2. - Responsibility. If you make reservations for two or more persons, the person making the booking shall be authorized to represent all those on behalf of those who have done the same, as well as accept liability for payments made on behalf of these people, including cancellation or argos costs arising from amendments or modifications. It shall also inform all those in whose name the reservation is made, the details of the reservation, and any other relevant information. Ensure that all personal information provided during your reservation must be correct and truthful.

3.- Coming of age. The user declares that he is an adult, ie has at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement and to use this website in accordance with the Terms generally set forth herein, and which comprises means in its entirety. If you are under 18, and Adults traveling without their parents or guardians, they must take responsibility for this reserve, as well as all liabilities and expenses arising thereof.

4.- What services are included? The terms and conditions of each service (price, product, availability, cancellation or modification of the booking conditions) have been provided by the suppliers. Services included: - The accommodation is on the booking confirmation is delivered to the consumer at the time of signing it. - The fees or taxes for accommodations - Indirect taxes (VAT, IGC) where they are applicable Services not included: - Transfers / assists hotel-airport-terminal or vice versa or similar - optional excursions or visits - Additional Charges to the room, meals and gratuities for services not listed in the reservation. - Any other service not indicated in the reservation confirmation.

5.- Payment of the booking. As a general rule gives the user one of the following payment methods: - Direct payment at the hotel. In this case, you will leave as a guarantee of your reservation, data credit or debit card holder's reservation.

6.- Before starting your trip. All users, without exception (including children) must have all your personal and family documents, either a passport or identity card, according to the laws of the country or countries they visit. It will be for the account of the same when travel so require obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc.. ACAPULCO HOTEL declines all responsibility if rejected by any authority granting visas for particular causes of the user, or be denied entry into the country because they lack the requirements imposed.

7.- Sure. is informed consumer, pursuant to General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, which at the time of conclusion of the contract we recommend that insurance be of assistance to cover the costs of repatriation in case of accident, illness or death.

8.- Force Majeure. The force majeure referred (by way of example but not limited to) fire, extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, accidents, epidemics, destruction or damage to property from any cause, government decisions, war, tried war, civil commotion, terrorist attack or any industrial or commercial activity in ACAPULCO HOTEL prejudice.

9.- Claims. Despite having supervised all our accommodation, it may be that the provision is not to your complete satisfaction. In such event, you must notify the responsible reception or hotel to try to solve the problem. If the problem can not be resolved in this way, we must inform you that ACAPULCO HOTEL. not be liable for the damages or losses arising from acts, omissions or negligence of others.

10. Disclaimer. The information presented on the website is provided by the suppliers. ACAPULCO HOTEL. can not accept any responsibility for inaccurate, erroneous or omissions beyond its control. The other service providers are independent businesses and their subsidiaries ACAPULCO HOTEL therefore are not considered agents or employees of the company shall not be liable for the acts, omissions, abuse or neglect of the service providers and of the damages and costs arising. ACAPULCO HOTEL. and its affiliates shall not be liable in the event of overbooking or force majeure or any other cause beyond its control.

11.- Compensation. You will be responsible for the behavior of the members of your group during their stay. The accommodation provider reserves the right at any time to terminate your stay or that of any member of your party for misconduct. In that case, apply the cancellation charges due in full and will not rise to any refund. Moreover, the accommodation provider is not obliged to pay any compensation or bear any costs or expenses that you may incur due to the premature termination of your stay for the reasons detailed in this paragraph. If your actions or those of any member of its group, provoke damage ACAPULCO HOTEL, you agree to indemnify us (including legal fees) from any claim that may be made the owner. Finally, you are required to also reimburse the accommodation provider for any damage caused, before the end of your stay.

12.- Input and output. The hotel entrance will be from 1:00 pm and the outputs are always made before 12:00 pm

13.- Intellectual Property It is forbidden to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, distribute, or commercially exploit any of the content, photographs, logos, images, html, code published on this site without permission Acapulco Hotel written.
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